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    1. Welcome to the Anqiu City Parkson Peanut Machinery Co. official website! Chinese   | English  

      High-quality products ? First-class service
      The food machinery industry leader    Please call the helpline:400-999-1660


      About us
      Anqiu Baisheng Parkson Peanut Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the urban area of Shandong Province, specializing in the development, production peanut food machinery. Our peanut food machinery products and beans, fruit, vegetables, medicine and other machinery products, the use of advanced technology combined with the actual needs, designed-to provide customers with a variety of safe, reliable and practical food production equipme...     >>MORE

       Customer Case

      Address: Anqiu City Xing'an Subdistrict big into Ge Industrial Park

      Telephone: 0536-4723566     

      Fax: 0536-4251556

      Mobile: 18653686819

      Mobile: 18553650600

      free hotline: 400-999-1660

      E-mail: lff335@126.com

      Customer Service QQ number: 353117720


      You can also order online our products


       Technical Support

      How to choose peanuts shredder
      Peanut stuffing is widely used in food, leisure food, condiment etc.. But how to choose the chopped peanuts machine, below I will tell about, at present our peanuts cutter can be divided into two kind...
      One kind of boiled peanut processing
      If there is a problem, please call: 0536-4723566 for consultation....



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